21/01/2017 t/m 19/02/2017

Philip Baldwin, Monica Guggisberg
"A festival of Glass"

Blown and cut glass: the work of Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg For the better part of four decades together we have been traveling a long road as artists. It has taken us from the simplest and humblest of objectives: the making of wine glasses and a celebration of the tabletop arts, through to contemporary design and lighting, to the larger glass industry, and ultimately to art itself: the challenge of saying something that might have a resonant meaning for the observer. Our art seeks to express the timeless quality of the journey in its most poignant physical representations. Hence the boats. Hence the amphorae. Hence the repeated, simple shapes. Hence the humourous twists and turns — variations on clear lines. Aesthetic and archaic forms that echo across centuries. So too we ourselves journey repeatedly from one place to another, ever moving, restless, sometimes arriving at a destination, sometimes never getting there, sometimes drowning, or sometimes rising in exaltation as the shore looms up before us. We work in the most traditional form: blown glass. One foot is in deepest tradition, one foot in innovation and – we hope ! – creative originality. And both feet are in the sheer fun and joy of the making. Please come join us as we celebrate our work.